Burn Radio / Pixelache Helsinki


Collaborative sound piece with composer Daniel Townsend for Helsinki’s Pixelache Radio Festival on the theme of Burn, at Oodi National Library in Finland, June 2021. The piece was reprised in Pixelache Echoes, a program of Rasos (Roots) Radio, a project of SODAS 2123 cultural organization of Lithuania.



Listen to “Re:Peat” audio here:


About the piece:

Re:Peat is a recent EDUFI Fulbright Finland Fellowship research project focusing on peatland extraction and restoration in Finland. This audio project combines field recordings from Latvasuo & Pikkusaarisuo extraction sites with hyperspectral imaging of soil core samples. Hyperspectral images are read as graphic music notation.

Our hyperspectral images were made with a Specim FX-17 camera using wavelengths of 900 – 1700 nanometers. These images allow us to see details in soil structure invisible to the naked eye. We hear two sonified core samples, the unrestored sample panned left and restored panned right, moving low to high. Ash, an industrial byproduct from burning peat for power and heat at Toppila station in Oulu, has been used to treat the soil, de-acidifying it and perhaps leading to a viable novel ecosystem for reindeer forage.


Sphagnum moss, the species which creates peatland, later extracted for fuel.


Pikkusaarisuo, post-extraction site in Northern Ostrobothnia


About Pixelache:

Pixelache is an association of artists, cultural producers, thinkers and activists involved in the creation of emerging cultural activities. Amongst our fields of interest are: experimental interaction and electronics, code-based art and culture, grassroot organising & networks, renewable energy production/use, participatory art, open-source cultures, bioarts and art-science culture, alternative economy cultures, politics and economics of media/technology, audiovisual culture, media literacy & ecology and engaging environmental issues.

The name of Pixelache was originally found in a Finnish article that predicted new words which we would need in the future. The word ‘pikseliähky’ (translated into English as “pixelache”) was supposed to describe the feeling that results from an overdose of digital media content. This overdose can happen easily if the content is too monotonous – which is the case if standards, formats, tools and design principles converge to a narrow set of options. Later interpretations focused more on the ‘ache’ of digital influence in everyday life, and an ‘ache’ to re-engage with non-digital interfaces and systems. Pixelache seeks to challenge mainstream standards and conventions, not only related to media and technology, but of contemporary society in general.


#Burn___ is the thematic premise for the next two years of Pixelache’s cultural output as an association, it connects psychological, social and environmental collapse, and how we can survive it, developing resilience. We hope to address the #Burn____ theme via postmedia, participatory and somatic contemporary practices, mixing art, design, together with public services, social /-democratic activism, and commons-orientated action. We wish to facilitate a sharing- economy that is not exploitative and exhausting, asking about ethics. Rather than reduce, we consider and promote increasingly complex or non-mediated but network-facilitated exchanges, and commissioned artworks or actions. 


Press release here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1qu9fOZOuJkprpwpQBKlyXwwMwoafFOJQ