Re:Peat (Layer)

Four drawings layer about 20 layers of images each of Sphagnum moss at a conserved peatland site, with only the negative space worked, aiming to highlight the space around the Sphagnum plant, since this is the anaerobic environment the organism creates which makes the peatland ecosystem so distinctive. Similarly to many of the ways we construct our human environments, Sphagnum engineers its own surroundings. The work explores questions about land use and conservation—investigating how Finland navigates complex issues of natural resources and bioeconomy may help us in the US approach our own ecological “home” from a new angle. 


Re:Peat, Layers of Peat in Northern Finland, a Look and Listen is a Fulbright Finland Fellowship research project by visual artist Anne Yoncha and science researchers Oili Tarvainen, Anne Tolvanen, and Anna-Liisa Välimaa of Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).


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