in:TENSION is a multimedia installation and live performance of sound, silk, string, print, and paper, a series of intersections and connections in an multi-layered arterial map exploring the dynamic relationship between individual and city, and the kinetic and potential forces that link the two together.

Inspired by its location in a community bicycle education space, in:TENSION draws imagery from bike rides through Wilmington and Philadelphia, road and water maps from satellite and GIS images, as well as native arterial and cellular structures–cicada wings, Kentucky coffee beans, bacteria. The natural silk fiber, stretched taut like a sail or a skin, reacts to almost imperceptible changes in the air in the room. Lines of string drawn through the air evoke a connectivity between ancient and modern ideas of fate, time, and quantum mechanics, while creating a literal tension in the exhibit space.

Two central silk panels illustrate two narratives on two scales–one of open horizontals in an ambient, deserted otherworld, a fresh planet rendered in almost childlike simplicity, and the other a jubilant explosion teeming with microscopic life, its bright energy receding at irregular intervals into cavernous spaces. Between the two, frozen in flight, are suspended a flock of tissue paper prints made from India ink and the artist’s own hair.

in:TENSION’s auditory component captures the dissonance and disassociation of time in large, fast-paced urban environments, as well as the celebration and promise of strong communities and a better future. Long stretches of ambience attempt to turn the often aggressive and frantic sounds of the city into landscapes that can be processed in an entirely new way. Sirens have been slowed down by over 1000%, industrial machinery has been tuned and quantized.


Press play for audio accompaniment.